Food Foresting is a Revolution

There’s this whisper in permaculture….

“Over-grow the system!” They’d graffiti it on the side of barns.

They were doing what was right, goddamn it.

The agricultural industry has a long history and a lot of cultural norms attached to it. There’s “reasons why” and “basic truths” abound. Farmers “need to make a living, ya know.”

Making a living from producing food has been a job for, oh, I don’t know, like 100,000 years or something crazy like that.

So while it’s “so much fun” to add extra work to your list of 1000 jobs on the homestead, there’s not a lot of farmers just itching to figure out a more complicated method of farming.

So what the fuck makes people think this is a good idea?!

One word sums it all up.



It’s the idea that instead of ripping the earth’s skin off every spring, we just plant once and let the natural connections and processes happen. It’s less work and less pollution. Duh. 

It’s the concept that Nature has a way of doing things, and as long as we follow that way, Nature provides everything we could possibly want. 

The notion is that if we perennialize a good percentage of our food systems, we can:

  • end world hunger
  • stop the largest polluter (agricultural) on the planet from polluting any more
  • start connecting people to their environments on a functional level
  • slow global warming
  • get people to become self sufficient with a high level of knowledge about Nature
  • increase the confidence associated with interacting with environments.
  • spread awareness of sustainability
  • practice sustainability
  • create new business niches
  • provide sustainable solutions to outside businesses
  • an absolutely insane amount of other things…


“Really, though?

Can it do all that?

Are you sure?

Yeah, but are you metrically sure?

Do you have numbers to back you up???”


“Yup. Here: *insert reams of sweet sweet data, and! Loads! of evidence.*


“Yeah, but it can’t work everywhere…”


“Yup, it does.” *More evidence*


“But the work involved…”


“Nah…”*even more fucking evidence*


“I doubted you before, but you have convinced me based on hard evidence and a rational yet ethical school of thought, and persuaded me by showing me examples of the immediate benefits to not only my community, but the world at large. Food forests are a no-brainer.”

Overgrow the system!”

We’ve managed to infiltrate the government. 

We are poised for a total takeover. 

Trowels sharpened, we are ready for anything. 

Monsanto has taken a hit. A proud, but suffering cancer patient has delivered a critical blow to the great mono-cropping Beast.

Nature grows with diversity. So must we. 

Nature fills in the gaps. So must we. 

Nature creates perfect environments. So must we. 

“We come before you as genuine humans, with only one intention. That is to make things better than the way they are right now.

If you continue to slowly poison us with your profit margins, there will be a point when we will start to figure it out. Our responses will be clever and scalpel-accurate, not blunt and telegraphed like yours.

Please, for the love of all humanity, as humanity brings something special to this shiny blue dot in space, help us by learning the ways of the food forester.”

So we learned.

And now with these tools in our minds, and in our hearts, and in our excel spreadsheets, and distribution networks, and surveying equipment, and earthworks best practices….

…we have a new world order of our own.

That order is food forests.

And they shall be created in the night.

And they shall appear where they are needed most.

And we shall manage and care for them, as if our future depends on it.

Because it does.


And grow we shall.

It is our time. Let us claim back what was unethically taken from us.

Our food.

Let the revolution begin.


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