“Why do I do this?” Road to Here

I want to create something that really gives people the valuable info they’re looking for.

A lot of folks I talk to are confused and unsure about the concept of food forests. They think of a large space, filled with a wild unruly concoction of poisonous weeds.

That’s not really at all what it is, but that’s the impression they get. Food forests can be tiny.

People need to feel comfortable with the idea of food foresting and what it looks like.

I am hoping to provide beautiful and interesting actual case studies of people and communities that have made and maintained food forests around the world.

I am hoping to give people the sense that they too can easily put together a forest garden. And they can be confident about it because all the information is backed up by scientific research and cold hard evidence.

I am hoping to build a community based around the perennialization of agriculture, because this community believes so strongly that it’s not only the right thing to, but that it’s what’s going to save us all.

Food forests can be small or large or just medium size.

Food forests can be complicated and wild looking or neat and perfect like a zen garden.

They can be all shapes and sizes. They can be all the colours and all the smells.

They’re good for adults, kids, and everything in between and after.

I hope you see what I see. I hope you feel what I have felt. And above all, I hope you get the impetus to start a food forest, or at least help with one.

You’ll never feel more connected to your surroundings and how they connect with what goes in you. It’s a pretty important feeling to have conjured in you.

Like, the most important.

Good luck, and happy food foresting.


Ps. Feature photo is art by Alison Boyce


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