Help us spread the seeds of change!

Dear Reader,

First of all, thanks. This means so much to me, because with your donation, we can add WAY more incredible resources to the organization, some that you’ll have exclusive access to, but mostly publicly accessible.

Things like:

  • a community forum where people will be able to discuss specifics of the craft of food foresting and meet people in their areas to share ideas,
  • a weekly online publication, providing incredible stories, tips, and resources,
  • access to funding, consultation, and exclusive land management opportunities, and;
  • much, much more!!!

Looking ahead, we’re going to keep growing and building this place with you in mind. That’s right. We’re building this for YOU.  We’re going to make the world a better place, you and I.

Our children’s children’s children will eat food that we planted.

And as they sit on that rock, eating those berries, they’ll truly understand how much we loved them, and how much we had to give.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Jonas Ratay


Food Forests of the World