To Our Most Valued Greenhouses and Nurseries: Exclusive Partnership Offer


So glad you decided to come by! Let’s get right to the point:

Our audience is your market. We chose you as the best source. Let us be your best review! 

Basically, what we are offering is EXTREMELY targeted ad space :

Whenever a visitor to our online app,, puts in their location, it will show them a list of edible perennial plants that they can grow in their area.

These customer clicks are based on psychographics, not the old ‘hit-and-miss’ demographic marketing.

With their entry, they are saying:

“I’m interested in food forests, aka edible perennial or self-seeding annual plants.”

Beside that, we’ll recommend you by showing them something like this:

Text placeholder

This will be a link that takes them directly to your website. Even if they don’t click the link, the “seed” of your brand will have already been planted in their minds!

Moving forward, we’ll be offering other recommendations:

Text placeholder (1).png

Think about what you’d like your message to say; you can pick a new message every quarterly.

  • “Click here to get 10% off all vegetable seeds!”
  • “Come join our ongoing workshops!”
  • “Pre-orders for spring start NOW!

We follow all rules of ethical and permission-based marketing, and will adhere to the new GDP Regulations. Find out more about GDPR.

In the next 6 months, we plan to take this resource to a whole other level, offering  pictures, resources, stories, and useful information about each plant, for a much larger audience.

Black Cherry (1)

Not to mention, we have a HUGE interactive surprise in store!

Our parent site, (where you are now) will also direct audiences from upcoming articles, podcasts, and videos.

Effectively, we aim to have the world’s first fully interactive database and resource that makes use of geographics to connect people together around edible forest gardens. Click here for a list of Facebook groups associated with this topic. 

You see, we are all about value for our visitors. That’s how we plan to stay relevant, and help you stay at the top. It’s all about preparation in this industry. We think you probably know a thing or two about that. Wink wink.

We will be using powerful organic and paid traffic-driving techniques to explode our visitor count. We have some incredibly talented and educated team members.

But as it turns out, this kind of website development is neither cheap nor easy, so we’re asking for a very reasonable membership fee to help fund it.

With your help, we can develop this exciting new resource to suit the needs (and aesthetics) of our shared audience, and align our brands with each other.

If you’re not interested, that’s okay (….not to be cheeky, but you can bet we’ll be getting a hold of your direct competition very soon). First come, first serve.

You have until DEC. 31st, 2018, or until your competition decides to partner with us instead. ACT NOW!!